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Valley Metro proposing fare increases

PHOENIX – The cost of riding public transit could go up in March of 2013.

Valley Metro is proposing an increase of $.25 for a one-way ticket on a bus, LINK or the lightrail. A $.50 increase for a one-way ticket on Express/Rapid.

Susan Tierney, spokeswoman for Valley Metro describes the change as a “cost of living” adjustment.

“We have to maintain our service. In order to keep it on the street — preserve service, preserve operations, we need an adjustment in our fares,” Tierney said.

According to Valley Metro, they are providing several opportunities to learn about the fare increase and offer feedback during open houses, a public hearing, fare change webinar, social media conversation and in-person surveys. Rider input will be accepted through November 3rd.

Information available at or 602-253-5000