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Richard Carmona apologizes for Candy Crowley remark

PHOENIX – Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Richard Carmona has issued an apology.

Carmona said he’s sorry about a comment he made during a political debate with his Republican opponent, Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake.

During a heated exchange in the debate, Moderator Brahm Resnik, a reporter for Channel 12, interrupted the two candidates by saying “Now I know how Candy Crowley felt. Geeze!”

Crowley is the CNN journalist who moderated this week’s presidential debate.

After Resnik’s comment, Carmona quipped that Resnik is “prettier” than Crowley. Resnik replied “I’m not sure how to take that.”

Carmona said in a brief statement to Politico that he tried to tell a joke to lighten the mood in the debate, and shouldn’t have made the comment.