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Fall is in air but ADOT preparing for winter

PHOENIX — Temperatures will be in the 90s in the Valley Friday, but the Arizona Department of Transportation is getting ready for winter.

ADOT has been putting its 450 snow plow drivers through two days of winter-condition training from equipment basics to health tips.

“How to drive a snow plow and talking about environmental consideration,” said ADOT spokesman Dustin Krugel. “They’ve even been learning about winter safety and what to eat in between your shifts.”

Krugel said the drivers work difficult 12-hour shifts during winter storms in Arizona’s high country.

ADOT will have new equipment on the roads this winter.

“We have approximately 200 snow plows and we’re going to be replacing 15 older ones,” Krugel said. “A typical snow plow will cost about $250,000.”

Krugel said the department is using highway transportation funds to pay for the new equipment.