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ASU students camp out for Oregon game

TEMPE — It was an eventful night for some ASU students who camped outside Wells Fargo Arena Wednesday.

A few dozen Sun Devils slept on air mattresses and inside blankets. Those who were first in line made sure they received a wristband that would get them into the front two rows of the student section for Thursday night’s game against the No. 2 Oregon Ducks.

“There are 180 priority passes, and after that it’s first come first serve,” said junior Nick Granillo, who was first in line. “We’re trying to get a sold out crowd. It’s going to be a sea of black. We’re going to get crazy and loud in there.”

Those students who stayed the night got a special delivery from ASU football head coach Todd Graham.

“He actually bought us some Hungry Howie’s Pizza,” Granillo said. “Cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza with the good crust.”

Some students didn’t get any sleep at all. Tyler Bell planned to catch up on sleep during class.

“I’m going to make it to Italian, but I’m not going to my honors class. There’s no way,” Bell said.

While students were camped outside, some sneaky Oregon Ducks crossed over enemy lines and painted the “A” on “A” Mountain a bright, neon green. It didn’t take long for Donna Evans and other ASU students to paint the “A” back to black.

“I immediately went into Sun Devil mode and said we have to get paint,” Evans said. “We were running around, and we were like ‘Hey, we need to get this paint. Can people drop a few dollars?’ We got like 80 bucks in less than five minutes. It was awesome.”

It only took Evans and some fellow Devils about 30 minutes to paint the “A” black for tonight’s blackout.

Evans just made it back to Wells Fargo Arena in time to see ASU Head basketball coach Herb Sendek handing out some treats for breakfast.

“We’re rewarding our great students with doughnuts,” said Sendek. “Many of them were here all night and then waiting again today for wristbands for tonight’s big game.”

Kickoff for the Devils showdown with the Ducks is set for 6:00 p.m.