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Gingrich: Romney a more focused opponent

An outspoken Republican Party leader believes messages from the presidential candidates will become streamlined in the election’s final days.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said President Obama faces a more focused challenger in this election.

“From Obama’s standpoint, he’s up against a real opponent. In 2008, he had a relatively weak opponent who wasn’t prepared to take him head-on,” said Gingrich.

He believes looking at the current campaign strategy, the talking points leading to election day will focus on unemployment, gasoline, Benghazi and Big Bird.

Gingrich conceded during the debate, style points went to the president, but he felt Romney did better on substance.

“When they asked about substance on the economy, on unemployment, on a vision for the future, on national security, on every single one of those items Romney won by a decisive margin. I think he’s got to be prepared to stay factual, stay focused.”

Gingrich and his wife visited Phoenix for a book signing at the Barnes and Noble at Desert Ridge Marketplace.