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Organizations making final push for Latino vote

PHOENIX — It’s a sprint to the finish line for those organizations pushing to get more Latinos to the polls on Nov. 6.

“Right now, everyone is making their plans,” said Daria Ovide with Campaign for Arizona’s Future. “They have their maps of the specific parts of the city, the specific voters with whom they are going to speak with that day.”

The organization has been canvassing predominately Latino neighborhoods and getting residents registered to vote. They will continue to knock on the same doors at least four times until Election Day.

“We’ve tested this in the Latino community in Arizona, that if you contact someone upwards of five times, they’re significantly more likely to vote,” said Olvide.

On Election Day, about 500 young volunteers will blanket the city ready to give these residents a final nudge to make sure they make it to the polls.

If Latinos do vote in great numbers, it could have a serious impact on the election, according to a recent Rocky Mountain poll, which found that President Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney were even in the state.