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Talk the Vote: The president strikes back

LISTEN: Debate Letter Grades

The grades are in from KTAR’s “Talk the Vote,” and it looks like President Barack Obama’s campaign has a new hope after he struck back against Republican candidate Mitt Romney, if only slightly.

Overall, our hosts felt that both candidates were much improved over the first presidential debate, which was somewhat of a sleeper. If anything, Romney lost the debate more than Obama won, but it was nice to see Obama speak with a bit of fire.

Larry Gaydos (Mac & Gaydos): Obama B+, Romney B

“That’s where the debate was won and lost, that [Libya] question, so I give maybe a little bit of an edge to Obama tonight, but both men were good.”

Bruce St. James (Bruce St. James Show): Obama B+, Romney B

“I think had it not been for the fumbling on the Libya question, which Mitt Romney obviously thinks is a bullet in his gun, he misfired it that time.”

Karie Dozer (Karie & Chuck): Obama B, Romney C

“I expected Obama to show up, he showed up, but he was so awful last time that I, as a teacher, have to give him props for improving.”

Mac Watson (Mac & Gaydos): Obama A, Romney B

“I think Obama was not only more engaged, he was ready, he engaged the person he was talking to and he made sure he had some kind of command on the debate.

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