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KTAR’s undecided voters panel weighs in on the ‘town hall’ style debate

While the “town hall” style debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was going on in New York, KTAR opened the doors to seven voters and got their thoughts on the debate.

Going into Tuesday night, these seven were looking for a variety of things in the second debate between the presidential candidates: the top topics included the economy and jobs, foreign policy, health care and specific plans of how these policies were going to be implemented and carried out if that person is the president for the next four years.

Following the debate a majority of them felt Obama won the debate, but not by a large margin. It was Obama’s style and the different approach he brought to this debate that served him well.

Two of the words used were, “engaged” and assertive.” This comes after he was heavily criticized for being disinterested in the first debate two weeks ago in Denver.

In the portion of the debate that Arizona was brought up, immigration being the topic, the voters believed both sides said similar things just in different ways.

On voter was left disappointed as he said, “there were not a lot of specifics on either side.” That was what he wanted to be able to take away from the 90 minutes, specific plans on the topics being discussed.

To finish, one of the voters mentioned they were wanting to figure out who to vote for by “trying to find the lessers of two evils,” and there was nodding in agreement from around the room.