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Arizona lawmakers look forward to presidential debate

PHOENIX — It’s not a debate in the classic style but rather a town-hall format at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y.

Arizona Republican Sen. Jon Kyl said he expects an energetic debate from both candidates but the pressure is clearly on the president.

“It [another weak debate from Obama] could really put another nail in his coffin. Clearly the president had the upper hand going into Denver but he doesn’t anymore and people are going to be watching this debate closely,” Kyl said.

Arizona Democratic State Sen. Steve Gallardo said he expects the president to come out firing and pointing out the flaws of Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

“President Obama cannot afford a repeat of the debate in Denver. It would be disastrous for his campaign. He must show that he has America on the right tracks in job creation and moving the country forward,” Gallardo said.

“t has the potential to be as exciting as the vice-presidential debate and I’m looking forward to it.”