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Talk the Vote: ‘Thrill in the Ville’ is a draw

LISTEN: VP Debate Grades

The grades are in from KTAR’s “Talk the Vote,” and it looks like Republican candidate Paul Ryan and Democratic Joe Biden were about even in the only vice presidential debate of 2012.

Overall, our hosts felt that both Biden and Ryan showed up with their “A” game, but that the debate, at times, was annoying and lacked a bit of substance. That said, it was much better than the first presidential debate.

Larry Gaydos (Mac & Gaydos): Biden A-, Ryan A-

“I think both guys were terrific! I think Joe Biden rallied his base…I thought Ryan came off terrific.”

Bruce St. James (Bruce St. James Show): Biden B+, Ryan B-

“I have a feeling that if we put Vice President Biden and Congressman Ryan in a room a week from now, they may not act specifically like this. They were playing a role tonight and both of them played their role well.”

Pamela Hughes (Bruce St. James Show): Ryan A-, Biden B+

“If you were an undecided voter, a swing voter who was watching this and was trying to make up your mind, I’d say you give the debate a ‘D.'”

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