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School: No evidence of planned shooting

Threats of a Friday shooting at an Anthem school were inaccurate, school officials said.

“It was a rumor,” said Heidi Vega with the Deer Valley Unified School District. “An incorrect, false rumor that there would be a shooting at the school during seventh hour which was inaccurate and untrue.”

Administrators at Boulder Creek High School received reports on Thursday that a student was planning a shooting at the school. They immediately investigated and found that statements from two students who overheard the alleged plan were inaccurate and not cohesive.

“The situation was started, unfortunately, with a student who sent a text message to one student and it just kind of multiplied from there within the school campus,” said Vega.

The school said that classes are on-going and Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office deputies are on campus, but parents are being permitted to pick-up their children.

“You hope you don’t hear about stuff like this,” said parent Mark Hummell. “You always hear about it at other schools, and then you hear about it at your school, and it’s obviously a big concern.”

MCSO said it has spoken to the student who sent the text message, which is how they concluded the shooting was nothing more than a rumor.

No discipline is expected in the case, according to MCSO.