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Chandler police investigating gas thefts

Police are investigating thefts of gasoline from parked cars, the Chandler Police Department said.

Sgt. Joe Favazzo said there have been at least three incidents since Sept. 26.

“These people have gone into the driveway and drilled a hole in the gas tanks of the cars parked in the driveway,” said Favazzo. “They drain the fuel out and take off.”

All of the thefts have happened in the driveways of homes near Kyrene and Ray roads.

“Once they’ve compromised that fuel tank by drilling it, the fuel tank has to be replaced,” Favazzo said. “In some cases, it becomes very costly, to the tune of between $1,500 and $1,800 to replace the fuel tanks on some of these vehicles.”

Favazzo said that police do not have any suspects, but there are ways for homeowners to prevent this from happening.

“If you can put your vehicle inside of your garage and secure it, it’s always safer and better,” he said.

Favazzo said that one victim told him they could not park their car in their garage because of all of the stuff that’s in it.

Favazzo said that if car owners park outside, make sure it’s in a well-lit area and to set the car alarm.

Favazzo urged Chandler residents to keep an eye on their neighborhood, and call police if they see anything suspicious.