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Talk the Vote: If we had to call a winner, it’s Mitt Romney

LISTEN: Debate Letter Grades

The grades are in from KTAR’s “Talk the Vote,” and it looks like Republican candidate Mitt Romney passed the first debate test better than President Barack Obama.

Overall, our hosts felt that Romney was better prepared for the debate and was always ready with an answer, while Obama seemed bored at times, but the debate, in itself, was underwhelming.

Mac Watson (Mac & Gaydos): Romney C-, Obama C-

“I don’t think Mitt Romney won, I think Obama didn’t do enough.”

Larry Gaydos (Mac & Gaydos): Romney B, Obama D

“This is as good of a job as Mitt Romney can do. [Obama] sounded bored.”

Bruce St. James (Bruce St. James Show): Romney B, Obama C

“Romney, tonight, knew the answers and had a retort to everything the president said. I don’t think it was a huge difference, but I think it was average at best.”

Karie Dozer (Karie & Chuck): Romney B+, Obama C+

“Mitt Romney had the answers and Obama is just better at writing the essay.”

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