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Border patrol agent’s family relies on faith to help them

A day after losing a husband and father, Nick Ivie’s family is relying on faith to get through a difficult time.

“They are coping remarkably well. They have their faith that is sustaining them,” said Kevin Goates, a family friend of Ivie’s.

When the 30-year-old border patrol agent was gunned down near Naco, Ariz., he left behind a wife and two little girls.

“He adored his daughters and his daughters adored their dad.”

The Utah native met his wife, Christie there. Their six-year anniversary was just a few months away.

“They believe that families aren’t just for this life, but families are forever. They look forward to being with Nick at a later time,” Goates said.

Goates met Ivie four years ago at the Mormon church in Sierra Vista, where Ivie has recently been put in a leadership role.

He said the family will never forget the man who never missed church, even after a long weekend patrolling the border.

Ivie had led the congregation on Sunday for the first time.

Goates said Ivie served a two-year mission in Mexico before joining the border patrol in 2008.