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New Apple mini tablet to be released Oct. 17?

Less than two weeks since Apple revealed its iPhone 5, rumors are surfacing on a new Apple product.

KTAR’s Data Doctor Ken Colburn said what can possibly be called an iPad Mini may be unveiled on Oct. 17.

“The market for seven-inch tablets has grown pretty significantly with the Nook, the Kindle Fires, the Nexus and Samsung Galaxy tablets,” said Colburn. “Based on that speculation, Apple is going to compete in that arena.”

Colburn said he thinks the price could start at $250 to $300.

“Don’t expect it to be a smaller version of the current iPad,” he said.

He doesn’t foresee it having fancy features like a fast processor, a retina display or a rear-facing camera.

The smaller screen and less expensive price is meant to compete with other cheaper tablets on the market.

Apple hasn’t released any details yet.