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Food fight turns into felony charges for Valley student

Things are getting messy for one Valley high school student after a food fight went wrong.

ABC 15 reported that Conner Floyd-Elsesser, then a freshman at Horizon High School, was in the cafeteria when a huge food fight broke out.

Floyd-Elsesser’s plan was to run, but that was put to an end after a teacher allegedly tackled Floyd-Elsesser, punched him and pinned him down with such force that Floyd-Elsesser injured his shoulder.

Then came the letter from county prosecutors. A teacher was suing Floyd-Elsesser for allegedly assaulting him.

Several cell phone videos show Floyd-Elsesser being held down and he doesn’t appear to be assaulting anyone. In fact, he looks the part of the victim.

Students have written in supporting Floyd-Elsesser and his attorney has said they plan to fight the charge in court.