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Candidates lower expectations for presidential debate

Before Wednesday’s presidential debate, both President Obama and Mitt Romney have lowered expectations of themselves.

“The two presidential candidates are saying ‘we just don’t want you to think anything great is going to come out of this because I’m not a very good debater,'” said Karie Dozer on Monday’s show.

“Because there’s so much at stake, because the election really is close, every little nuance counts, and so both camps are doing their best to lower expectations so they can exceed expectations on the big day,” Stan Barnes, president of Copper State Consulting Group told News/Talk 92.3 KTAR’s Karie & Chuck.

Barnes said the republicans are holding their breath some for this election because it somehow feels more important to Romney.

“Mitt Romney’s on the ropes and he’s got to do something.”

Some topics to be debated are the economy, foreign policy, Libya and the unemployment rate.

According to Barnes, there’s so much pressure on the candidates that almost everything is scripted and rehearsed.

“You go through every scenario that you think so that you take the surprise out of it. You also warm up with a few lines that you got memorized cold so when the moment rises you lay it on as if it were spontaneous but it was actually scripted, scrubbed and rehearsed.”

Barnes believes that the win will come down to the votes of the people who are most motivated to be at the polls on election day.