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All treats: Halloween screams big bucks in Valley

PHOENIX — As Halloween nears, the cash registers are ringing at the family owned Easley’s Fun Shop near Seventh Avenue and McDowell Road.

National Retail Federation said Americans will spend about $8 billion this year on Halloween.

“I’ve sold $60 Batman outfits and $600 Batman outfits. I think some people out there just want the best,” said the shop’s Debbie Easley.

There’s a clear favorite among customers: “Super heroes are rocking and rolling. Captain America, Thor, and of course all the Avengers,” she said.

Lindsay Krahmer was shopping for a costume and said she loves Halloween but not enough to shell out six bills.

“I’m just looking at the Oktoberfest beer lady costumes and they’re only about $50,” Krahmer said.

Halloween falls on a Wednesday, which is better for business, according to Easley because of the number of parties set before, on and after Halloween.