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Lost GoPro found with footage of the Grand Canyon from space

When a few Stanford University students launched a GoPro camera near the Grand Canyon a few years ago, they weren’t sure if they would ever see it again.

Along with a phone with GPS, the GoPro took off on a journey into the sky attached to a high-altitude weather balloon. The intent was to gather data for an aerospace engineering dissertation.

According to ABC News, the five students were able to capture some aerial footage of the Grand Canyon and the Earth a few miles out in the stratosphere, but then the camera got lost. They were supposed to gather the equipment two hours later, but it ended up being two years later.

In March 2015, an Arizona hiker found the GoPro and phone near the Grand Canyon. The hiker luckily was an AT&T employee and was able to identify the phone’s owner using the sim card.

The group finally finished their project and uploaded the final video footage, garnering millions of views.

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