Top 7 shows to watch this fall

Sep 22, 2015, 9:31 AM | Updated: May 19, 2016, 9:19 am

Football fans are already a couple of weeks into the season, but September also marks the start of a different kind of beginning.

The 2015 Fall TV Lineup

Here are just a few new and returning shows that will have you grabbing for your remote to watch and record multiple shows all at once.CenturyLink_TV_ Fall Shows

Sunday Night Football

You can watch football all weekend, but there’s something about NBC’s Sunday night game that makes it a main event. Even when your team isn’t on the field, it’s worth tuning in to and around 25 million viewers do just that every week.


Grandfathered is “an unconventional, sophisticated comedy about coming of age — at any age” built on a suave bachelor who didn’t even know he was a father, finding out that not only is he a dad, but he also is a grandpa. These changes are big adjustments when they happen over the course of a generation, it will be interesting to see how John Stamos handles the sudden immersion in grandpaternity.

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris

How does the industry compete with tweeting and streaming? Here’s a shot at it. This new format of shows will be an interactive turn of play with stunts and pranks and hidden cameras. And the whole thing is going down on live TV.

“I was drawn to this show because it’s a game-changer,” said Harris. “People need a reason to watch TV when the show is actually happening.”

Survivor: Cambodia

It’s hard to believe “Survivor” has been on the air for 15 years. The ever-popular reality series is now in its 30th contest. Survivor’s stable following still pulls in more than 10 million views each week and consistently ranks in the top 20 TV shows.


Children of all ages — OK, maybe it’s mostly adults — are looking forward to the “Muppets” reboot. The mockumentary-style drama is touted as the most adult version of the “Muppets” yet. After an almost 35-year break from their last television series, these cuddly creatures don’t look a day older, although the rest of us have certainly aged.

Code Black

Depart from mirth and merriment to a medical drama set in the country’s busiest emergency room where, according to a 2014 documentary of the same name, “more people have died and more people have been saved than in any other square footage in the United States.” “Code Black” is the term to describe when patients exceed resources.


True to DC Comics canon is the idea that Superman has a female cousin — conveniently also deposited on Earth — who has come of age and is ready to save the planet. It looks like a fun mix of superheroes, strong women, youth and energy with some alien bad guys on the side.

Whether you’re tuning in for some old favorites or checking out the new offerings, products like Prism TV, which offers whole house DVR or on-the-go viewing from any device, help you sort through what you want to watch while letting everyone else in the house do the same.

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