Scottsdale schools to require ID badges for all students

UPDATED: AUGUST 6, 2012 AT 6:41 AM

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Scottsdale children will be packing more than books and lunches to school this year.

High school students will be wearing ID badges when school starts Wednesday, but within a few weeks every student will be required to wear the badges.

“We are not expecting our kindergarteners to wear the card all daylong while in school and on the playground,” said James Dorer, Scottsdale Unified School District chief security officer.

“We know that’s not a realistic use of what we’re trying to accomplish.

Dorer said, in addition to ID badges, the district buses will be equipped with scanners and students will swipe their cards as they enter and exit the bus.

“One of our challenges throughout the year is that we have numerous students that get lost, so to speak,” he said. “Elementary students get off at the wrong stop and this way we have the ability to track where they got off and maintain a sense of safety for them.”

Dorer said he has received many calls and emails from parents on the new policy, and most have been positive.

“This really is going to increase the safety at schools, being able to identify which students are our students and belong,” he said.

And kids being kids, they lose things. If they forget the badge at home, they will get a temporary ID. If they lose it or it is destroyed, they’ll have to get a new one.

“They will end up paying a $5 replacement fee,” said Dorer.