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Don’t worry, anglers: Drone fishing won’t be a trend for long

Rod and reel, spear, net, hand line, and even noodling — I thought that, when it comes to fishing methods, I had seen it all.

Then I saw this video of… wait for it… DRONE FISHING! Yes, fishing with what us old guys see as a remote-controlled helicopter.

As you can see in the video, it’s a mildly-simple set up. A guy rigs up a drone with a basic line, bobber and what I assume is a worm-like bait. He hovers the drone above the water and then BAM — fish on.

This is not the first time that I have seen unmanned fishing techniques. I remember an R/C boat pulling a spinner bait hooking up on a fish. I could hear the eye rolls. Yes, I could actually hear eyes rolling. But wait a second, should we really snub this new method of fishing?

Do you remember your grandfather looking at you and all of your gear with that look of disapproval as you load six rods and two tackle bags in to the boat? I can hear his voice now. “Boy, all I have ever needed to out-fish you is this old Zebco and bucket of worms. Why, back in my day…”

You see, he looks at our gear the same way we look at techniques that aren’t what we learned on.

Which brings us back to the goofy guy with the fishing drone. Get used to it folks. Drones are here to stay. Game and fish departments have been scrambling to regulate drones that hunters are using for scouting purposes. It shouldn’t shock us that drones have entered the fishing game.

I’ll tell you what, if this drone fishing gets you fired up, I have a fun way for you to take a seat on the sideline and enjoy the show:

There is a lot of money in this video. There is about a grand just in drone and GoPro alone. So, if your local watering hole starts to be overrun by drones, just grab a chair, a drink and get ready for the grand finale.

You will see these guys pull out a few bluegill — like the one in this video — or a maybe a small bass or two. But what you are waiting for is that big boy. That nine-pound bass or catfish that thumps that bait. You will see the look of terror on the drone angler’s face as he watches his $1,000 investment get pulled to the bottom of the lake.

As soon as the other drone anglers see or get word of this, they won’t be able to get their lines out of the water and their toys back to safety on dry land fast enough.

The lake will be all yours again.

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