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Naked man steals car from Prescott campground

A naked man who stole a car from a Prescott campground early Friday morning has been arrested, police said.

According to the Sedona Times, 27-year-old Calvin Forrey stole the red Jeep from the Prescott Arizona Lynx Lake campground about 8:00 a.m. Friday.

Officers received a call from the victim who said a man “on drugs and out of his mind” had stolen his Jeep. Minutes later, the victim heard his car crash.

Deputies responded to the presumed location of the crash, where the Forrey’s pit bull bit an officer. The dog was shot and killed.

Forrey was subdued with the use of an electric stun gun and taken into custody. He is currently in the intensive care unit.

The bitten deputy was treated and is expected to be fine.

Forrey had admitted to police in a prior contact that he was addicted to bath salts. It is unknown if he was on drugs during Friday’s incident.