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Glendale wins $400K to help get kids to school safely

The City of Glendale has been awarded $400,000 to fund two projects that will help children walk or bike to school in a better environment.

Safe Routes to School funding has been awarded to Glendale’s Transportation Department.

“Both of these projects will greatly increase the safety of walking and biking to and from school and enhance the ability for children to access schools,” said Jamsheed Mehta, executive director of Transportation Services. “We are thrilled to get this funding as the selection process was highly competitive and we competed against projects from all over the state.”

The first project includes a sidewalk completion on Myrtle Avenue between 63rd Avenue and 66th Drive. Once this sidewalk is completed, students and parents will have a safe place to walk.

The second project includes two school zone flasher systems and speed radar sign systems, which will be installed on 67th Avenue at Missouri. This system helps remind drivers to slow down and reduce speed during school hours.

In a national survey of police officers, traffic engineers, and corporate safety officials, radar speed displays were identified as the single-most effective traffic calming solution around schools, playgrounds, and neighborhood streets.

The Safe Routes application was coordinated through a joint partnership between the city and Glendale Elementary School District.