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Mesa Gateway adding more flights to big cities

MESA, Ariz. — Since 2007, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport has made a name for itself by flying to small cities including Minot, N.D. and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Now the airport is looking to add flights to larger cities as Allegiant and Spirit Airlines expand with the airport.

“We see in the next 10 years that Gateway Airport will accommodate about 10 percent of the Valley’s air traffic,” said airport spokesman Brian Sexton.

“We’re not here to compete with Sky Harbor. We’re here to complement them and give Valley air travelers a choice.”

Mesa Gateway is one of the fastest-growing airports in the country, according to Sexton. The airport already has service to a few larger cities including Denver, Dallas, Las Vegas, Oakland, Calif., and Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Sexton said the airport is looking to expand its reach to the eastern United States and parts of Southern California.

The airport recently announced plans for a $1.4 billion expansion that will include 60 gates.