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Police: SB 1070 ruling will have little impact on job

A day after the Supreme Court ruled on SB 1070, people who oversee the day-to-day activities of Phoenix police officers said there will be minimal to no impact on how officers do their job.

Also unchanged will be how officers interact with the public during routine calls or traffic stops.

Joe Clure, president of Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, the police union, said he doesn’t expect to see any changes at the street level.

He repeats what Chief of Police Daniel Garcia said during a news conference Monday. “We will treat everyone with respect and dignity.”

Traffic stops will not include a verification of legal status in the United States, according to the union.

“Local law enforcement’s primary responsibility is not immigration enforcement, it’s an ancillary duty that we will engage in when we believe it’s in the best interest of the community. The fact of the matter is, police have other duties,” Clure said.