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Governor Brewer: Obama administration made Arizona a target

LISTEN: Governor Jan Brewer joins Mac & Gaydos to discuss the Supreme Court's ruling on SB 1070.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is fighting mad after the Obama administration announced Monday it was eliminating many immigration calls from Arizona law enforcement reporting illegal immigrants.

Earlier in the day, Brewer released an official statement calling the ruling of SB 1070 ‘a victory for the rule of law’, but now feels the state of Arizona has been singled out.

“It was a victory and now it’s was disgraceful,” Brewer told 92.3 KTAR’s Mac and Gaydos Show Monday. “Bottom line is they are telling Arizona to drop dead and we’re going to ignore you. They are just leaving us alone to fight our fight on ourselves. It’s absolutely obvious that they’ve made Arizona a target.”

The Supreme Court voted 5-3 earlier in the day to strike down key components of Arizona’s immigration law.
The court did choose to uphold one controversial provision that allows police to check the immigration status of a person, if they are considered a questionable threat.

Brewer was pleased the court chose not to overturn what she believes to be the key provision of the immigration law — that is until the Obama administration’s announcement.

“It’s pretty awful,” Brewer said. “I would think the people of America would be so disgusted. I would think that they would see that the [Obama administration] are trying to thwart the Supreme Court decision.

“Why would they do that immediately after the highest court of our land would uphold the heart of the bill, which was a victory for the rule of law and the 10th amendment, to then arbitrarily move ahead and thwart the law.”

President Obama and Governor Brewer have publicly sparred before and there is clearly no love lost between the two.

“Obviously he wants a lot of illegal immigrants in the country,” Brewer stated. “They are not going to enforce the laws whether you’re here legally or not.”

Brewer doesn’t know what the recourse will be but she contends she will not go down without a fight.

“I am not going down easy,” Brewer said. “Where we go from here is to be decided. But I am not going to lay down and die. I’ve got a responsibility. I took an oath also to uphold the law and to protect the people of the state of Arizona.”

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