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Program reminds drivers to keep butts in the car

It should hit 110 degrees this weekend in the Valley.

If you’re hitting the road to escape the heat keep your butts in the car — that is, your cigarettes butts.

Kelly Taft with the Don’t Trash Arizona program said more than one-third of Arizona’s litter on the highways and freeways come from smokers.

“With our monsoon storms, winds can blow it into the brush and start a fire,” said Taft. “The chemicals from those butts can also leech into the water supply and harm the animals.”

As it is, Taft said Arizona taxpayers already spend millions of dollars cleaning up the litter left by drivers on our roadways.

“We just want to make sure they’re not contributing to the 1.6 million pounds of litter already picked up at a cost of about $3 million to tax payers,” she said.