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State nets $1.6M from taxpayers for online sales

PHOENIX — Arizona residents who opted to pay taxes for online purchases
have given the state a slight windfall.

The Arizona Republic said an estimated 33,700 taxpayers
paid $1.6 million in taxes in 2011 on a largely ignored levy on Internet and
out-of-state purchases.

Lawmakers added a line to 2011 forms mandating the state tax.

The Legislature repealed the requirement this year, backing away from making it
harder to skip paying sales tax on online purchases.

Accountants believe the revenue, as a result, won’t reach the same level again.

A spokesman for Gov. Jan Brewer said heightened attention to the tax may lead
to more people reporting online sales tax.

Some residents have said the requirement was burdensome because they don’t
track whether sales tax was collected for online purchases.


Information from: The Arizona Republic,