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Phoenix to reassess using fluoride in water supply

PHOENIX — Phoenix officials are considering discontinuing the city’s use
of fluoride in its water system.

The Arizona Republic reported a committee vote on Tuesday
will decide if the Phoenix City Council should vote to suspend using water fluoridation.

A change would impact more than 1.4 million Phoenix residents who rely on the
city’s fluoridated tap water for drinking, bathing and brushing their teeth.

Opponents of municipal fluoridation of water said overdoses of fluoride can lead
to weight gain, thyroid problems and other health issues.

Supporters said fluoride helps with oral health.

Dentist Linda Smith of Estrella Mountain Dentistry in Goodyear is in favor of fluoridated water.

“I think it’s a very good benefit for everyone,” she said. “As long as it isn’t a lot of fluoride, there are pretty much no downsides to adding it to tap water.”

Council members said discarding fluoride use could save the city money.

The director of the city’s water-services said Phoenix spends about $582,000
yearly on fluoridating the city’s water supply.


Information from: The Arizona Republic,

KTAR’s Jim Cross contributed to this story