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Phoenix: City water gets passing grade

PHOENIX — The City of Phoenix said its water is passing the test. In
fact, the water department does about 5 million tests each year on its
treatment and distribution system.

“We look at lead and copper standards,” said water department spokesman
Ken Kroski. “Those are pretty distinct for tap-water providers. We try to make
sure all of those are within guidelines that are set by the EPA.”

Kroski said the test results are released each year. “Our newest one just came
out a couple of months ago, and everything was great,” he said.

Kroski drinks tap water and said the taste is OK. He admits the water department does get some complaints about the taste.

He said the taste may be affected by the water starting as snow in the
mountains and picking up minerals on its way to homes.

“Occassionally, some people who are really sensitive will even taste the
chlorine that we use to disinfect the water,” Kroski said.

“But that chlorine has
to be in there all of the way to your tap.”

He said for those who don’t like the taste, using a filter on the faucet or refrigerator
and keeping water chilled with a slice of lemon may help solve the issue.