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Flame virus prompts Microsoft to boost security

The Flame virus is still a potential danger for computers all over the world and Microsoft is stepping up its security measures in response.

“[The virus] has a security certificate that looks like it’s generated by Microsoft and it’s not,” said Ken Moskowitz with Data Doctors computer-repair service in the Valley.

“It’s completely bogus, so it’s really hard for people to tell if this is a legitimate update. Right now, Microsoft security is working on fixing that and they’re working at light speed.”

The virus has only affected computers in the Middle East, but there is a possibility that it could make its way to the United States.

“It’s really only affected a few thousand computers, but the potential is far greater,” said Moskowitz. “Right now, there’s no way to recognize it and that’s why Microsoft is working as fast as they are and as diligently as they are.”