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Phoenix teen killed by ‘errant’ bullet

A Phoenix teen died Monday from gunshot wounds suffered over the weekend as he returned to a McDonald’s to fix an incorrect order.

On June 2, the victim, 18-year-old Jonathan Ryan Peters, left his house with two female family members left Peters’ home around 3:00 a.m. to go to a local McDonald’s. They received their order, but it was incorrect, so the trio decided to return to the restaurant to get it fixed.

As they made their way from the residence, Peters turned south on 75th Avenue from Cheery Lynn when two shots were fired from behind the vehicle, both of them striking Peters.
One of the females in the car was able to engage the brakes and use the steering wheel to control the vehicle.

Several emergency calls were placed to police at the time of the shooting. When officers arrived on the scene, the heard more gunshots coming from north of where the vehicle stopped.

Several people were seen fleeing the area and two persons of interest were apprehended and questioned.

Peters was taken to a hospital in extremely critical condition, but succumbed to his wounds on Tuesday.

Police have no suspects in this case and are certain that Peters had nothing to do with the person who fired at his vehicle.