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‘Unicorners’ questioning if Mitt Romney is a unicorn

A movement using humor to mock the birther movement in Arizona has a strange request: prove Mitt Romney is not a unicorn.

“The unicorner conspiracy, I think, until Mitt Romney shaves his head and we can see if he has a horn or not, I think these questions will remain,” Left Action founder John Hlinko told News/Talk 92.3 KTAR’s Karie & Chuck Show. “America has the right to know and, until we can compare Romney’s DNA with a unicorn’s DNA, we can’t say conclusively that he’s not a unicorn.”

Hlinko placed the blame for the need of the satirical unicorner movement on Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who renewed the controversy surrounding President Barack Obama’s birth certificate after receiving about 1,200 emails requesting he look into the validity of the document before permitting him to be on the November presidential ballot.

“It appears the secretary of state has gone a little off the deep end,” said Hlinko.

The unicorners have submitted about 25,000 emails so far to Bennett’s office, Hlinko said, adding that he has not gotten any response from Romney’s camp.

“I assume that he’s chasing rainbows or doing unicorn-type things and is too busy to actually address the allegations, but thus far he’s been quiet and I take that silence as he is in face a unicorn,” said Hlinko.

The unicorner movement has exploded beyond anything Hlinko thought possible and said some members are already reaching out to other politicians and infamous birthers, such as Donald Trump, but they’re not stopping there.

“As long as this birtherism nonsense continues, unicornerism will be alive and well and fighting back,” he said.

Hlinko said that the birther efforts could be better concentrated in other areas.