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Phoenix Sky Harbor receiving local food vendor makeover

PHOENIX — Sky Harbor’s Terminal Four will be adding 40 restaurants by the end of 2013.

Many of them are locations of popular Valley restaurants. Sky Harbor’s Julie Rodriguez said the terminal could become a dining destination, even if no one has to go to the airport.

“You can park in the terminal garage, see some great artwork in Terminal Four — we have a gallery right in the lobby — and then dine at Chelsea’s Kitchen, for example,” she said.

Sauce is open in the terminal and there is a new Starbucks in baggage claim. Local favorites Chelsea’s Kitchen and Barrio Cafe are scheduled to open this year.

According to Rodriguez, the new vendors must offer the same prices they do at their other locations. It’s a condition of their lease.

“Next year, we’ll see restaurants such as Lolo’s Chicken and Waffles open in Terminal Four,” she said. America’s Taco Shop, Joe’s Real Barbeque, Delux Burger, Humble Pie, Los Taquitos will also join the list.

Rodriguez said Terminal Four handles 80 percent of the passengers at Sky Harbor.