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New app designed to ward off mosquitoes

PHOENIX — Apps are available for Droids and iPhones that emit an ultrasonic sound that promises to leave you bite free.

The app also works on dogs and cats and scares them away.

David Guerrieri with Maricopa County Environmental Services said a phone app is no substitute for good, old-fashioned mosquito spray.

“Anything with Deet, anything with eucalyptus oil, lemon oil — you have to keep applying these products because of the residual on them,” he said. “Wear long-sleeve clothes to cover up.”

Keep in mind that Arizona has 40 types of mosquitoes. Each picks up different frequencies and at 99 cents per app, consumers would be paying a pretty penny to try to match up a sound that will ward off the bloodsuckers.

“There’s really no way of knowing (which sound will affect which mosquito),” said Guerrieri. “You have to play around with the app until you figure that out.”

Guerrieri said they have caught some mosquitoes this year that tested positive for West Nile virus, but, so far, there have been no cases in Maricopa County residents this year.