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Arizona congressman applauds new border security act

Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake is applauding the Wednesday passage of the Secure Border Act in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“What we’re trying to do is force the Obama administration to go back to having a definition of what a secure border looks like,” said Flake. “Operational control has always been defined by the federal government, but recently the Obama administration has tried to move away from that definition.”

Flake said the goal is to ave the Tucson Sector be as secure as the border near Yuma.

“We have, in the Tucson Sector, a problem,” he said. “In the Tucson Sector, for every one that is apprehended, I think two or three slip by. In the Yuma Sector, we have operational security, as defined by the administration and agreed to by local law enforcement.”

Flake said he is not confident the Senate will pass the bill, but he will continue to fight for bills the work towards securing the border.