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Pop quiz!

Quick, were you outraged at President Bush’s
obvious “made for TV” event on the deck of an aircraft
carrier where he declared an end to combat operations in
Iraq and “Mission Accomplished” — in 2003!

Fast forward to exactly nine years later and President
Obama holds an obviously “made for TV” event live from
Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan declaring mission almost

Were you equally disgusted at this obvious attempt to
portray the president as strong and in charge?

My guess is very few people either cheered or jeered at
these and it had little to do with their views on war.
Today’s hyper-partisan political environment can make
otherwise rational adults view nearly identical scenarios
in completely opposite ways. How else can you describe the
right’s apoplectic reaction to President Obama’s surprise
visit to Afghanistan during an election cycle compared to
the salutes and cheers when President Bush did the same

I really want to believe that most Americans are firmly in
the middle, choosing to see events like this for exactly
what they are — the party in power using every
opportunity to make their guy look better at the expense
of the other guy, all to garner votes.

Good luck taking politics out the White House!

You’re right, I’m probably giving the “average” American
too much credit.