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Hey hey, ho ho, I think it’s time for Rick to go

You’ve fought the good fight, you’ve tried your best but for reasons beyond your control, you just can’t win.

We’ve all been there and at some point have had to suck it up and face the metaphysical certitude of our defeat. Sen. Santorum, that time for you is now. The reasons beyond your control were three-fold.

The first was timing. Your surge to challenge Gov. Romney got started just a bit too late and the delegate math was working against you almost immediately.

Second was your message. While red meat for the right wing of the Republican Party, it didn’t play well in swing states, amongst moderates or with women. In other words, the same people that will decide who the next president will be.

Lastly was Mitt’s money and organization. From the start, the only person who was going to beat Mitt Romney was Mitt Romney himself. Like it or not, starting a campaign with tens of millions of dollars and a 50-state network of volunteers on Day One was a luxury you could not afford.

If there is no path to victory, the money is drying up and you are in danger of losing your home state of Pennsylvania, why exactly would you remain the race? Nobody likes to lose and every political campaign has an element of “it’s personal” to it, but like the last guy wandering around the bar, it’s time somebody whispered in Rick’s ear and said “It’s time to leave.”

Bruce St. James & Pamela Hughes

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