Here are the biggest tips to keep your AC bill low this summer

May 15, 2023, 9:28 AM | Updated: 10:54 am


PHOENIX — In Arizona during the summer, having a working air conditioning unit is not just a pleasure, but a necessity.

No one wants to walk from their sweltering car just to continue to be hot in their home.

As the triple digits hit around the Valley and are here to stay, your AC bill can be a hot topic around the house.

So, what are some tips to keeping your family comfortable and your AC bill low that many people may not know?

“The goal is to keep those units efficient as possible and limit the breakdowns,” Justin Lang, service manager at Day & Night Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing said.

“First things first, a clean filter is the best and cheapest way to keep that thing running as efficiently as possible.”

There are many factors that go into how hard your unit is running, but clean air running unimpeded through the filter is a fantastic way to keep the bill lower than normal.

Although most people know to change their filter, it’s the number of times one changes their filter.

“Every time I get my electric bill, I change my filter. We have such a high dust load and we use them so often, I change mine once a month,” Lang said.

“I think it is one of those things people miss. The first word in air conditioning is air. We need as much clean, unrestricted air to those units. If a family wants it two degrees cooler, that is fine, but a dirty air filter is just compounding and not making that system efficient.”

The key to a low bill is efficiency, but that is not limited to the unit as the efficiency of one’s house is also just as important.

If the cold air is escaping your house through windows, doors or certain sides of the house, then the unit will constantly be running and never fully cool your home.

Lang encourages families to take a look at shade structures over windows, shade over the home as a whole and have the proper insulation, ceiling and duct work as the hot summer months approach.

If you’re dealing with an older unit that may not run as efficiently as it should, the decision to entirely replace vs. repair the unit can be a tough one.

The worn down unit is similar to cars that constantly need to be serviced, it may save you money short term but add up in the long run in money spent.

For those looking for assistance, $10 million was approved in January to be added into the HVAC repair and replacement fund for Maricopa County homeowners.

The federal funding — an estimated $18.65 million — comes from the American Rescue Plan Act to help an estimated 600 households and will be available until it is exhausted.

Those interested in the Maricopa County Home Improvement Project, which offers major/minor home repairs, weatherization and energy efficiency services and repair or replacement of eligible appliances, are encouraged to apply online.

Day & Night Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing


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Here are the biggest tips to keep your AC bill low this summer