Here’s what to consider when updating or replacing kitchen appliances

Mar 23, 2023, 3:00 PM

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Is it time to update or replace your appliances? Investing in easy-to-use appliances can make it easier to create healthy meals at home. Quality appliances can make a difference in creating food you enjoy!

Here are some of the features that can help your time in the kitchen to be efficiently used by all.

Stove Tops

When it comes to stovetop cooking, induction is the number one choice, according to Dallas Bradford, director of Business Development, at Central Arizona Supply. Dallas explains that induction cooktops are unique in the way they heat because they use a Magnetic Field Generator (MFG) instead of an electric element. Induction is a highly efficient and energy-saving way to heat. She tells us that the technology has been around for more than 20 years and is the cooktop of choice in Europe.

Dallas explains that one popular belief is that induction cooktops require new, expensive and special pans. This is simply not true! Cooking on an induction cooktop requires a pot or pan made with iron and a smooth, flat bottom (this excludes glass, copper bottom and cast iron). The friction between the iron in the pan and the MFG in the cooktop causes the heat. Once the pan is removed, the cooktop surface is immediately cool to the touch.

The advantages of an induction cooktop are many:

  • Food cooks in half the time! Three cups of water will boil in a minute!
  • The cooktop turns off quickly! You can push the off button, walk away, and all cooking will stop. You don’t have to worry about food boiling over because it did not turn down quick enough.
  • The long-lasting finish will stay looking new for years. There are no elements to create the wear marks seen on an electric oven.
  • Easy to clean a flat surface.
  • Induction cooktops are comparable in price to electric and gas stove tops ranging from $1,500 and up. Dallas likes the Thermador Liberty Induction cooktop. Just under $5,000, it comes in several shades and is considered top-of-the-line.

Induction cooktops may require a new electric breaker as they require more amps than a traditional cooktop.

Speed Ovens

Speed ovens are combo ovens using microwave, convection and steam oven technology. Some models even include halogen heat or an air fryer. Touchscreen controls provide clear and easy directions for operation and have many preset options.

Dallas likes the Monogram 5 -in -1 oven with Advantium technology. This model runs about $3,400 (other models start at $1,600). It is big enough to cook a turkey! It works well as a wall unit combined with a traditional oven. It enables you to create a wide variety of food with great flavor and texture due to the combination of cooking methods.

If you are concerned about the microwave aspect, you can avoid using it.

There are additional features to consider in ovens:

  • Wi-Fi compatibility — A smart appliance will come with an app for your smartphone. Using an app will allow you to get notifications regarding maintenance needs and issues. Techs can often diagnose issues over the phone and help to schedule repairs.
  • Oven doors — For wall-mounted ovens, consider French doors. French doors can be opened with one hand, so you don’t need to struggle with controlling a heavy door. Doors that open to one side are easy to operate as well.
  • Under-the-counter placement — This is another safe and easy-to-use option. You no longer must reach over your head to pull out a hot dish.


Refrigerators are sophisticated storage units that keep food fresh for longer. Beko refrigerators have a new technology that can keep veggies and fruit fresh for up to 30 days. Think of the savings on food waste and trips to the store!

Improved LED lighting and organization make food easier to find and less likely to be overlooked. Some brands even have smart technology that can help track ingredients.

If full-sized refrigerators are hard for you to access, consider under-the-counter refrigerators as an easy-to-access option. They can be strategically placed for cooking, snacking, or beverage options.

Call a local dealer for pricing.


Dishwashers are an important part of maintaining health. The sanitary cycle of modern units can heat water to clean and sanitize. We like the Bosch family of dishwashers because they are quiet and have effective sanitary and drying cycles.

Many brands have drawer-style dishwashers that come in a 24” wide unit and are only 22” deep, making loading and emptying the dishwasher manageable. The top-drawer style is great for someone limited in how low they can reach. Drawer-style dishwashers come in two-drawer models as well, allowing you to wash smaller loads efficiently. Bosch brands start at $550 for a basic model and can go as high as $2,600.

If you are shopping for appliances, be sure to compare the many options, brands and pricing to find what works best for you. Induction cooktops, under-the-counter and drawer-style refrigerators, ice makers and drawer-style dishwashers lend themselves to ease of use. Whether in a casita or full kitchen, these appliances are worth a look for any family and are especially helpful for those living independently.

Prices listed are as March 2023.

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Here’s what to consider when updating or replacing kitchen appliances