Arizona Division of Problem Gambling provides exclusion solution for young sports bettors

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May 13, 2022, 5:01 PM | Updated: May 16, 2022, 1:00 am

PHOENIX — The legalization of sports betting in Arizona last September opened a new world to young adults, one where putting down money on games was as easy as sending a text message.

Advertisements for sports betting apps flooded the Valley from billboards to Twitter, the latter paired with a link to download their apps right then and there.

Bettors in the state spent $291.2 million in September and $484 million in October when the market first opened, according to Betting USA. Now, the NBA playoffs are in full swing with the Phoenix Suns battling to repeat as Western Conference champions. The opportunities to gamble are limitless.

Anyone older than 18 can participate, meaning college students still reliant on their parents’ wallet can partake.

Half of sports bettors are between the ages of 18-34 and only 45% have full-time jobs, according to the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association.

Arizona Division of Problem Gambling is warning young adults of the dangers of sports betting and finding oneself in a financial hole. It’s easy to get sucked in with so many exciting games and advertisements glorifying betting as a can’t-lose endeavor, especially when a local team has championship aspirations.

The division has an online quiz with questions posed for one to ponder if they have a problem.

One of the questions states, “Has there ever been a period when, if you lost money gambling one day, you would often return another day to get even?”

The division has solutions for those looking to cut themselves off from betting.

There is an Event Wagering & Fantasy Sports Contests Self-Exclusion form on the website in which participants can select the in-person casino or mobile apps and non-tribal retailers options.

The individual can then select a period of time to exclude themself from sports betting using that medium, including a year, five years and a decade. The request is irrevocable.

Other remedies can be found using the Treatment Assistance Program on the department’s website.

“Arizona Division of Problem Gambling subsidizes treatment for both individuals with a problem gambling or anyone affected by a problem gambler.”

People can lose a lot in life while addicted to sports gambling like their careers, house or relationships.

The Arizona Dept. of Gaming’s Problem Gambling division exists to prevent that from happening, and informing younger adults of the future ramifications betting can have is a way to do that.

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Arizona Division of Problem Gambling provides exclusion solution for young sports bettors