5 hot tips to keep your AC cool this summer

Jun 16, 2015, 8:00 AM | Updated: 8:05 am
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The hottest summer days are just ahead. Triple digit temps make your AC unit work overtime.

Use these simple tips to save money and extend the life of your current system.

1. Keep it clean — inside and out

Inside, change the filters regularly — once a month is a good schedule, but don’t let it go more than 60 days. This extends the life of your unit and makes your system more efficient. Outside, hose off your condenser and sweep around and under it to keep it free from dirt. Cut back bushes to give yourself at least a foot of clearance. Also, try to shade the unit so it doesn’t have to work quite so hard.

2. Professional tune-up

Just like cars, AC systems are more efficient with annual tune-ups. In some cases, getting a tune up can save up to five percent on your bill. It doesn’t take long for the money you save in electricity to offset the cost of the service. Make sure the ‘free tune-up’ from many companies aren’t just inspections in disguise. Check online review sites and the Better Business Bureau for the most trusted companies.

3. Check for leaks

Check hoses for leaks on the outside of your house and seal any leaky vents with duct tape to make sure the cool air is delivered properly.

4. Alternative cooling ideas

Give your AC a break by installing ceiling fans and heavy drapes. The drapes help keep the house cooler by blocking the sun and heat. A ceiling fan doesn’t cool the air, but it does cool the people in the room, increasing everyone’s comfort level.
Also, avoid using your oven in the summer by eating lighter or cooking outdoors on the grill. Letting dishes air dry rather than running the heat cycle on your dishwasher keeps the kitchen cool.

5. Programmable thermostat

Investing in a programmable thermostat saves money by allowing you to adjust the temperature when you’re not home or when temps cool off at night. Not only does this save on your power bill but also on the wear and tear of your system.
If your AC unit starts making funny noises and is more than 10 years old, you may be on borrowed time. If cooling bills are going up and efficiency is going down, it’s probably time to replace your system. Don’t end up stranded on a triple digit heat wave to replace or repair your system.


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5 hot tips to keep your AC cool this summer