Too many ‘mental’ members in Arizona Legislature

Mar 24, 2022, 12:30 PM

(AP Photo/David Goldman)...

(AP Photo/David Goldman)

(AP Photo/David Goldman)

It sounds like something hackers would do: threaten to publish your personal info on the web for everybody to see — along with a picture of the ballot you filled out in the last election.


Our info is supposed to be private — and is there anything more private than a filled-out election ballot!?

This scary scenario isn’t the latest extortion scam being discussed on the dark web by hackers — it’s the brainchild of Republican Arizona state legislators and it’s being discussed out in the open.

If House Bill 2780 becomes the law, election officials would be required to publish your name, your address and an image of your ballot on the internet … soooo … anybody and everybody would be able to get their hands on it.

What did we ever do to them to make them want to do this to us!?

You can’t get mad at them because they suffer from a mental illness I think the AMA should recognize. It’s a disease I call “Election Fraud Delusion Syndrome.”

EFDS sufferers are people who still believe the election was stolen from Trump — even after a $6 million audit of the county’s ballots (paid for by Trump supporters) found that it wasn’t and after a new report confirms ballot tabulation equipment wasn’t connected to the internet and no election data was deleted.

Symptoms of Election Fraud Delusion Syndrome can include flying several flags from the back of a pickup that say “Trump Won” and “F*** Biden.”

(…by the way, to the guy who was weaving in and out of traffic and tailgating people on State Route 51 yesterday with the flappin’ “F*** Biden” flag: you ain’t winning anyone over by driving like that nor by having your moobs hanging out of the side of your muscle shirt. And, if you were really a patriot, you’d fly that freaky flag from the back of a ‘merican truck, my friend…)

When diagnosed in politicians, EFDS can cause an outbreak of bonkers bills in the Legislature. 

But what’s even worse is this: my time working in Republican politics has made me cynical enough to believe that some politicians, who test negative for EFDS, still support garbage like HB 2780 because they think it’ll make EFDS sufferers vote for them.

According to a new OH Predictive Insights poll, 87% of Arizona voters say they’re likely to vote in this fall’s election  — which would be a huge number for a midterm election.

But if legislators keep up this moronic madness, I think 100% of us non-EFDS voters will throw caution to the wind and vote our little hearts out. And not care if our ballots end up on the web  — because they’ll just show we threw the pandering politicians outta office. 

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Too many ‘mental’ members in Arizona Legislature