High home curb appeal is appealing to buyers

Jan 20, 2022, 3:00 PM
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You may have heard the term “swipe left.” If not, “swipe left” generally refers to online dating apps. Free Dictionary defines it as slang for declining or rejecting someone in an app. The phrase was popularized by the dating app Tinder, in which users “swipe left” on the screen to reject a potential mate.

It can also mean to reject or decline something — including your house that is up for sale if it doesn’t have enough curb appeal.

Will potential buyers keep on driving when they see just the outside of your house? If the outside of the house doesn’t look appealing, what can they expect from the inside?

Here are some tips to give your house plenty of curb appeal and make potential buyers stop.

The mailbox

The mailbox is generally the first thing people see when approaching a home. If it’s damaged or has chipped paint, it can be an immediate turnoff. Spruce it up or replace it with one that matches the architectural style of your home. Check with your municipality’s building department and the post office before making modifications. They have very specific requirements for mailbox placement.

House numbers

Prospective buyers can’t find your house if the address numbers are faded, broke, or simply not there. Rosie-Certified Partner, Joelle Kahn, Realtor® with Tierra Antigua Realty, suggests repainting or installing the numbers on your mailbox, curb, and house.

The driveway

“Powerwash the driveway if there is any oil or other stains,” says Kahn.

Overlaying pavers right over the top of the concrete provides a significant aesthetic upgrade. Thin-set pavers are specifically designed for this application.

Declutter the area and remove nonworking vehicles.

The garage door

Fix dings on the garage door and add a fresh coat of paint. If the door has windows, replace broken sections.

Stucco and siding and trim

Repair cracked stucco. If the paint is faded, chipped or outdated, refresh it with a new coat. Kahn notes that paint goes a long way in terms of curb appeal.

Windows and screens

Replace broken windows and torn screens. An inexpensive DIY window screen frame repair kit can be purchased from a home improvement store.

Clean or replace dirty and broken blinds, shades, or curtains that can be seen from the street.

Front path and entrance

Make sure there is a clear path to the front door. Pot colorful flowers and place them as accents to walkways, a favorite tree, sitting area, or gate. Use pavers with varying colors and textures to create an inviting pathway.

Kahn also suggests that any exterior home decorations such as furniture, art, and pots be in good condition.


Smart, prospective buyers will drive past the house at night to see how it looks. Install lighting to highlight landscaping and architectural features and provide adequate lighting along pathways.


Pull the weeds, trim the shrubs, remove dead trees, and refresh the grass. “Good landscaping can boost the sale of the house,” says Kahn.

Note: Putting a planter up against the wall of your home, regardless of the material, requires special consideration. Be sure to use waterproofing on the house side of the planter and provide a drain that directs the water away from the house. Watering too close to the house can cause foundation issues and termite infestation.

Tip: Choosing plants like those planted in the street medians and the entrances to your community and golf courses.

The side gate

Replace broken slats, then repaint or stain the wood on gates. Remove rust from the metal, and while there, make sure the latch works.

The roof

“You can see the roof condition from the road,” says Kahn. Replace broken tiles and shingles. (You can negotiate a replacement when an offer comes in.)

Important tip: Always check with your HOA before starting any of these projects. HOAs often limit color, product choices, décor, and landscape. They often require the project’s plans to be submitted for approval.

Say cheese!

“Before prospective buyers even come to the house, they will see pictures of it,” says Kahn. “The pictures on the listing site will make or break a deal.”

Make sure the house, inside and outside, is ready for the debut before the photos are taken and the “For Sale” sign is staked in the yard.

If your neighbors’ curb appeal isn’t so great, Kahn suggests making sure your home stands out.

Not for sale

Even if you are not planning on moving anytime soon these tips will make your house appealing every time you arrive home.

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High home curb appeal is appealing to buyers