Here’s your one-stop holiday shopping at Rosie’s eStore

Nov 11, 2021, 3:00 PM
(Rosie on the House Photos)...
(Rosie on the House Photos)
(Rosie on the House Photos)

The gift-giving holidays are coming up. Start your holiday shopping now without the worry of whether the items you want to buy are sitting on a cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean or stuck on a loading dock. Rosie on the House’s eStore has you covered!

Rosie’s eStore launched June 9, 2017, with HexArmor’s ThornArmor Gloves and Safety glasses, the Valley Forge American flag, and the first purchased item, the Franklin sensor stud finder. Since then, we have expanded and now offer more than 45 products — all of them tested by Rosie, Romey, and Jennifer.

From tools, cleaning supplies, organization and storage, and safety products, the eStore offers items any homeowner or DIY project lover can use, plus they make better holiday gifts than fruitcake or another three-pack of socks.

Rosie’s, Jennifer’s, and Romey’s favorite eStore items

Each of the Romeros have their favorite eStore items.

Rosie is a fan of the Valley Forge Flag Co. American Flag. “And because I feel everyone should display Old Glory, especially one made in America, I’d have to say the Koralex II American Flag by Valley Forge Flag Company is my favorite item in our eStore. It just kinda chaps me to see all the American flags available that are made outside the USA!”

Looks like one stud in the house isn’t enough for Jennifer (insert the age-old dad joke here). She favors the Franklin sensor stud finder. “I have tried and tried to figure out how to find a stud to hang a heavy painting. No amount of knocking or tapping assures me I have the right spot to drive my molly bolt – maybe I am tone deaf. This handy stud finder leaves no doubt in my mind that I have found a stud!”

With a property as large as Romey’s, easy digging is an art form. He “digs” the Earth Talon Shovel. “The talon blade turns this into much more than a shovel. While out doing chores, I can carry the Talon Shovel with me and dig, chop, or weed all with one tool. The wider footstep gives great foot support. They are so well made. My favorite is the fiberglass handle as it does not shrink and expand like wood.”

The Romeros have other favorites, too. Find out what they are here.

The ROTH staff, otherwise known as the Rosiebuds, also have their favorite eStore items. Note which ones keep popping up.

Lauren, sales assistant – “The ColdRush Towel because it lasts and is amazing and convenient in size. It also does not drip or make a mess. Perfect for the gym and golf.”

“The Cold Rush Towel might be my favorite item we sell,” says Jen, our office and digital asset manager. “When my AC went out last summer, it saved me from heat exhaustion. Plus, it is a great thing to have around your neck or to wipe your face with when working in the yard.”

Julia, another Romero and homeowner relations manager — “The Earth Talon Shovel and the ColdRush towel are awesome! The cool rush was awesome for my summer hikes.”

Susan, staff writer – “I really like the magnetic nail sweep. My husband tinkers in the garage a lot. Nails and screws always end up on the floor and in the driveway. The nail sweep prevents them from migrating into my car’s tires or my feet.”

The most popular items

According to Jen, by far the ThornArmor Gloves are the most popular product. They are not your typical work gloves. These allow you to work in your garden and yard without suffering cuts and pricks from pesky thorns and needles.

Looks like a good stud is hard to find – if you don’t have a Franklin Sensor Prosensor 710+ Stud Finder or its counterpart, the T-6 Stud Finder. As Jennifer said, they are great for hanging heavy pictures.

The SimpleSense Water Leak & Freeze Detector is popular with seasonal visitors, people who travel, or folks with second homes. This device allows them to monitor potential catastrophes.

Don’t wait to order. These items could sell out.

Made in America

Buying products from American manufacturers such as home supplies, tools, gear, gadgets, clothing, and gifts help Americans keep their jobs and supports American owners struggling to keep their businesses afloat.

If this is important to you, as it is to us, resolve to buy American-made products whenever possible. Find the name of the product’s manufacturer and search the Internet to learn if that company is American-owned.

Click here to find American-made products and how to make sure the money you’re spending stays in the pockets of American-owned companies.

Rosie couture

Amp up your wardrobe and show that you are a fan of Rosie by rocking a sweet custom shirt! They are available for preorder now!

Special Giveaway: Five preorders will be randomly selected. The winners will receive a second shirt of the same size added to their order for free, and signed by Rosie, Romey, and Jennifer!

Preorder ends Nov. 30. All shirts will ship in time for the holidays.

From your fellow Rosie listeners

ThornArmor Gloves – “I recently purchased two pairs for wrangling some huge cholla cacti, and these gloves were fantastic! For those who don’t know, cholla cactus spines are what armor-piercing bullets aspire to be. But they were no match for these gloves! I’d love if HexArmour would wrap the protection a bit further over the back of the hands, though. Then they’d be perfect. Regardless, best glove I’ve ever used for this purpose, and I’ve tried a lot of them.” Kirk C.

HexArmor Safety Glasses — “The glasses arrived intact and will work great for me. Thanks again for your follow-up and great products!! Love Rosie’s show and all the knowledge gained each & every week. Many blessings your way.” Bob S.

Well, isn’t that interesting

The very first person to purchase our 30th anniversary tool kit purchased it for his young son. His father bought him a tool kit with the essential basics that he still uses and has fond memories of using throughout his life. He wanted to provide something similar for his son. This same man is a police officer and was one of the first responders to reach Rosie when he had his accident in 2017.

Sign up for our monthly eStore newsletter from the eStore. Get early access to new products, special discounts, deals, and more!

When purchasing safety glasses, add the $3.25 microfiber pouch to your cart and get the pouch for free.

Returns are not commonplace. We have only had one; a single pair of ThornArmor Gloves. The gloves were returned because the size wasn’t right, and the customer thought they were general work gloves. So, the chances of your recipient not being happy is rather slim.

Of course, if you can’t decide what to buy, send your gift recipients a digital eStore gift card and let them select what they want.

Join Rosie on the House every Saturday morning from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on KTAR News 92.3 FM. If you’d like to send us questions or comments, email Follow us on Twitter and “Like” us on Facebook. For more do-it-yourself tips, go to An Arizona home building and remodeling industry expert since 1988, Rosie Romero is the host of the syndicated Saturday morning Rosie on the House radio program. Call 888-767-4348 with questions and comments.

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Here’s your one-stop holiday shopping at Rosie’s eStore