3 cool tips to turn everyday moments into learning experiences for your child

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Sep 24, 2021, 2:54 PM | Updated: Sep 27, 2021, 1:20 am

Early brain development has a crucial impact on a child’s ability to learn and succeed in school and life. Research has shown that 90% of a child’s brain is developed by age five. This brain development is dependent upon the positive or negative experiences in the first few years of life. PNC Bank believes it’s never too early to invest in a child’s future because when they thrive, the future becomes even brighter.

With its recent acquisition of BBVA USA, PNC Bank is the 5th largest commercial bank in the nation and can serve even more communities. With branches and ATMs throughout much of the United States, PNC has a presence in 48 of the largest U.S. markets; a retail branch network spanning the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Southeast and Southwest, including Arizona.

PNC Bank is a well-established financial services company and is also known for its philanthropy. Much of that support centers around the PNC Grow Up Great® program which started in 2004 to serve children from birth to age five, especially those in underserved communities. Since the program’s beginnings it has grown into a $500 million initiative—because birth to five is such an important time.

“Through a comprehensive approach of grant funding, employee volunteerism, awareness efforts and advocacy for high quality early childhood education, PNC Grow Up Great supports families, educators and community partners,” said PNC Foundation President Sally McCrady.  “We strive to set a path for success that lasts a lifetime by providing innovative opportunities that enhance learning and development in a child’s early years.”

Grow Up Great provides resources and support to caregivers and teachers who, as the adults in children’s lives, have the most influence on their brain development. Grow Up Great offers lesson plans, instructional techniques, and home school tips that enhance hands-on learning.

Here are some tips from PNC Grow Up Great to turn everyday moments into learning experiences for your child.


Find easy chores that your child can do each morning.  Give him opportunities to help pack his lunch, make his bed, or feed a pet.  Create the chores together. Your child is learning responsibility when he participates in daily chores.  These skills will also help him learn to be more responsible in school.


Set up an obstacle course for your child to go through. Think about things that will require your child to run, walk, climb, crawl, or keep his balance. Some items you might use include: tables to crawl under, chairs or stools to go around, boxes for tunnels to crawl through, or outdoor play equipment.  He will have fun conquering the course and also work on physical development at the same time!


Plan Meals Together. Ask your child what she would like to eat.  Make a list of the meals you will have that week.  Discuss the ingredients you need to buy to make the meals she requested.  Did she choose something from each food group?  Do they include healthy choices like fruits and vegetables?  This is a great time to talk about which foods are good to eat every day, and which foods should only be eaten occasionally. Planning meals with your child helps her understand how to make a healthy meal and be more likely to eat meals because she helped planned them

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3 cool tips to turn everyday moments into learning experiences for your child