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APS crews fix transmission line on bluff

APS linemen have many characteristics that make them qualified to work on Arizona’s power lines, and having no fear of heights must be one of them. Crews recently fixed a line on a bluff near Flagstaff, Ariz. which video shows was significantly far from the ground.

The repair came as part of APS’s year round effort to prepare its system for the hot summer months, when the electrical grid is under the most stress.

Workers were repairing a string of insulators which were “flashed over,”meaning they were breaking down, likely due to the elements.

Travis Conner, section leader for transmission line maintenance, said it’s crucial repairs like these are made before the summer hits to ensure APS is ready.

“With this string of bells having so many flashed over, at any given time it could flash over and we don’t want that in the middle of the summer when its 115 degrees out there and everybody needs their power,” he said.

Conner also discussed how he feels better knowing he and his crew have done their jobs correctly for their customers.

“We wanted to change it out before it gets too hot so that we can sleep at night knowing our equipment is efficient and reliable.”