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APS continues looking towards the future, growth

Arizona Public Service, or APS, is a company name probably known by all in the Grand Canyon state. But what many people don’t know is that this World Class Arizona company goes beyond benefiting just a single state.

Don Brandt, APS’s president, chairman of the board and CEO sat down with KTAR News’s Pat McMahon for a second segment about his company.

During the interview, Brandt talked about APS’s Palo Verde nuclear power plant, which has been the nation’s largest power producer of any kind for 22 years straight.

“We’re going to glow in the benefit of a very dependable long-term supply of power,” he said. “Palo Verde doesn’t just provide power to Phoenix or Arizona, but the desert southwest.”

And APS isn’t done expanding either, Brandt said. The company plans on adding about 600,000 customers, or about 50 percent more than its current 1.2 million, by 2030.

“You just don’t build a power plant or a transmission line or even distribution lines overnight,” he said. “We have people literally at our headquarters in downtown Phoenix planning for what we’re going to be doing in 2020, 2025, etc.”

Regardless of where they expand in the future, many Arizonans will remain grateful to APS for keeping the lights on for the past 128 years and beyond.