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Proposed program makes solar more accessible

Everyone knows getting rooftop solar panels is the environmentally-responsible thing to do, plus being financially-responsible once the utility savings begin to pay for the up-front costs.

But these initial costs, often for the panels themselves and the installation, have kept many from being able to afford solar power in the past. APS has a plan to change this.

If approved, the plan would allow 3,000 customers to install solar panels without any cost, as well as send them a $30 credit each month for the duration of the 20-year program.

APS also plans to partner with reputable local installers, selecting them through a competitive bidding process, in order to support businesses within Arizona.

The proposal was filed July 28, and is expected to be heard at the Arizona Corporation Commission this fall. It is part of APS’s effort to make Arizona the national leader in solar energy.